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Welcome to Lamas Perfumes

Over 100 years experience in manufacturing French perfumes extract, to offer them ready for you to distinguish you

Lamas-1900, the brand established in the Levant-Syria, Aleppo’s ancient province, full of rare flowers. And here come Haj Abdul Ghani to extract the natural assets of natural and generates the magic of another perfume, his children continue his career to keep pace with the development of perfumery and the perfume are periodic visits to perfume companies in France to review the latest developments in this area they adopted the import of perfume from France and especially the city of Grass or perfume .. To this day in 2016 is the opening of branches in Turkey – Istanbul. Our products are of unique oriental origin mixed with the beauty of French fragrance offering to Turkish consumers.


Lamas Perfium is one of the leading stores in the Middle East for luxury products. Lamas Perfium is located in the most exclusive commercial centers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain. Lamas Perfium offers an upscale collection of more than 500 international brands in a range of fragrance products.

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Oriental Perfumes

Your favorite perfume is an extension of your personality, it speaks for you without speaking. Perfume types, some of them screaming and others whisper and that according to their types and smells. So you have to carefully choose the type of fragrance that will be included in your collection because it will undoubtedly say something about you and your style and makes you your own magic. To help you with this task, we have carefully chosen the latest collection of luxury brands to impress you with the beautiful fragrances you will love and would like to add to your perfume collection to tell your story.

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